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This geometry lesson fits shapes into a square





Title – Geometry Project
By – Tyler Roys
Primary Subject – Math
Grade Level – 6


*To make a square using 5 or more pieces of paper. You must use all of the paper. If you use a triangle than use two right triangles.*


  1. Make the shape on the piece of paper.* follow what is on top!
  2. Cut out shapes.
  3. Use the shapes to form a square.
  4. Tape the shapes together or glue the shapes to another paper that is bigger than the square.
  5. Put the names of the shapes on the shapes.
  6. Do Assessment
  7. Handed in on time
  8. Neat
  9. Name Date Period…
  10. Paragraph on what shapes you used and how they go together to make that square.

Name: ________________________-
Date: _________ Period: ________
Due: ___________ Grade: ______
1-10 Shapes 5-50 pts
_________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________
Neatness………….5 pts
Cut right………… 5 pts
Shape name………..5 pts
Handed in on time….5 pts
This sheet is done…5 pts
Name, Date, Period…5 pts
Is it a square…….5 pts
5 pieces or more of paper…5 pts
Time that I give(Did you use it)…5 pts
Paragraph 10 Sentences max…5 pts

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