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A Math lesson on shapes in geometry




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Jenny and Tonya

Lesson Plan

Due: October 16, 1996

TOPIC: Communication, Geometry, and Spatial Sense


OBJECTIVES: Students will recognize, draw, and describe geometric
figures. Students will interpret positional words.

MATERIALS: "Shapes" poem, attribute pieces, Shape Art"


ANTICIPATORY SET: Teacher reads the poem UShapes. from the book,

A Light in the Attic

by Shel Silverstein.

CONCEPTUAL DEVELOPMENT: Distribute shapes to each she Read the
poem "shapes" again. Direct students to arrange their
attribute pieces like the shapes in the poem. Read the poem until
all studerts have their pieces arranged. Distribute copies of
the Shape Art" worksheet. Have students draw/copy their arrangements
on the worksheet. Have students discuss their drawings with peers.
Encourage them to justify why their arrangement is correct. Students
can decide whose arrangement (from their table) best describes
the poem Show students the

real picture from

A Light

the Attic

. Have students answer the rest of the questions
on the act sheet. Have a class discussion about students’ result

Who’s pictures were chosen as the best representation of the poem?

How was your picture similar/dfflerent from the

real picture?

Was it the best representation after all?

Did anyone change their minds about which picture was the best
after the real picture was shown? Why?

What else did you discover about your pictures?


with other shapes, not included in the attribute sets e.g. pentagon,
hexagon, eta Have students write poems or stories using Me shapes.
Encourage them to considerAndude the shapes’ attributes in their
work. Have students share their poems with the class Students
can illustrate each other’s poems.

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