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Jennifer Faherty




K, 1  

Jennifer Faherty

T267 Lesson Plan

Topic: Understanding and Creating Symmetry

Grade Level: K – 1

Objective: The student will recognize, describe, and create symmetry by making his/her own mask using symmetry as a guideline.

Materials: – – Lord of the Dance by Veronique

– “Missing Features Mask” transparency or large
paper copy

– – Activity worksheet of mask outline

– Crayons

– Scissors


– Yarn

-Hole punch


Anticipatory Set: Read the book Lord of the Dance to
the class. Discuss symmetry as it relates to the story. Ask:

– What is symmetry?

– Are there examples of symmetry in this book? If so, what
are they? Show the students the “Missing Features Mask”
transparency and ask a few students to come up and add the missing
features. Guide them to try to duplicate the patterns and textures

– What do you see?

– Are there any patterns on the mask?

– What’s missing on the mask?

– How can we make the mask show symmetry?

Conceptual Development: Explain to the class that they
will create symmetry on their own by making masks like those in
the book Lord of the Dance. Distribute the activity worksheet,
as well as crayons and scissors. Let the students fold the paper
where indicated and cut out the mask, including the nose, mouth,
and eye holes. Have them unfold their masks and decorate them.
Be sure to remind them to use symmetry:

– How can you make your design show symmetry?

– What patterns, shapes, colors, and sizes can you use to
make designs? Help the students to reinforce the areas near the
ears with tape, punch holes through the tape, and add yarn ties
to the masks.

Practice: Let them put on their masks and share them with
a partner: – Are the masks alike in some way? – – How
are these masks different?

Closure: As a class, review the concept of symmetry. Ask
two children to stand, and
have their classmates compare and contrast their masks: – What
makes each mask symmetrical? – – Where is the symmetry
in each mask?

Discuss other places that symmetrical patterns are found.


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Tadjo, Veronique. Lord of the Dance, Greenwillow Books,

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