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A Math lesson on geometry using Tangrams





Robyn Boyd

Mandi Fraley

Justin Towe

TOPIC: Geometry

GRADE LEVEL: 2nd grade (level of difficulty can be adjusted)

NAME OF Activity Homemade Tangram Puzzles

MATERIALS NEEDED: *6 – inch squares of construction paper


*tangram pieces chart

*directions on how to cut tangram pieces


Intro: Show the 6 inch square to the class, ask what other shapes they can make out of this square. explain that today they are going to make their own tangram set which includes seven pieces: (two big triangles, three small triangles, parallelogram, and a square.


1. Have the students clear everything off their desks.

2. Pass out a tangram chart (one for each table), scissors (one pair for each

student), and a 6 – inch square for each student

3. Explain how to cut and fold the square to cut the pieces needed for the

tangram puzzles

4. Using just the small triangles, ask them to make a square, a triangle and

a trapezoid

5. Next have them use all the small pieces (5) to make a square, triangle,

and a trapezoid

6. Last, see if they can use all their pieces to make a square, triangle and a


7. Have them record each piece they use for each shape in the boxes

provided on the chart as a group

8. Walk around the class and observe and see if any children need

assistance, do not do the problem for them!

9. Ask the class how they made each shape and what pieces they used and

how they placed them

10. Be sure to ask each group to see if their was any difference in the

placing of the pieces

11. Ask them if they were surprised that they could make so many shapes

out of their tangram set, discuss with them what they found out

Closure: For fun, have the children take the seven pieces and make some type of object, whether it be an animal or a person. When they finish, have them write what it is and then name it. Encourage them to be as creative as possible!

Resource: Marilyn Burns

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