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The absolute value of distance is charted here





Title – Absolute Value

By – Jacqueline Baruccheri

Primary Subject – Math

Grade Level – 7


    Reinforcement of 6.N.13 – Define absolute value and determine the absolute value of rational numbers (including positive and negative)

Instructional Objective:

    Students will be able to graph integers on a number line and find absolute value.


      Students will analyze several days of reports from the newspaper that show the high and low temperatures for cities across the country. In small groups they will be assigned a city in which they record the rise and fall of the days’ high temperatures on a vertical number line.

Students will then look at the elevations and temperatures of Mt. McKinley and Badwater. They will observe and contrast the differences between the two elevations and temperatures.

Delivery of Instruction:

    The aim and do now will be copied and completed on the black board. Students will then break into small groups and record the days’ high and low temperatures of their particular city on a vertical number line. Then, I will ask students to individually compare two integers. From there, students will analyze a chart of rushed yards on a football team and order these statistics from least to greatest. Next, I will use the overhead to demonstrate the meaning of absolute value and stress that it is the distance from zero. I will also demonstrate this distance by using a piece of string to show that 4 and -4 are the same distance from 0 and a distance (or the piece of string) can not be negative. Finally, students will individually evaluate expressions on absolute value and positive and negative integers.


    I will ask students to think about the following question, does -4 have the same value as 4? Explain your reasoning.

Extended Practice:

    I will provide additional examples for students to practice on the black board. In addition, I will allow students to use the string in order to fully understand the concept of absolute zero. Students will also be assigned follow-up homework questions from their textbook in which they will have to utilize material from the lesson in order to successfully complete the homework.


Jacqueline Baruccheri


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