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Favorite Fruits are graphed here






Title – What’s your Favorite Fruit?
By – Maria Arias
Primary Subject – Math
Grade Level – 1


      9A. Collect and sort data; and


    9B. Use organized data to construct real object graphs and bar type graphs

Learning Objectives: The student will be able to…

      1) Collect and sort data among his and her classmates


      2) Construct a bar graph from data without error


    3) Maintain organization and keep items in order

Materials Needed:

      1) 2 Big Posters


    2) Markers

Pre-Activity Preparation:

    Poster board


    Students will be at desks

Establishing Set/Motivation/Introduction:

    What is your favorite fruit?

Learning Experiences/Presentation/Procedure:

      1) On one poster board, write the title “Fruits”
      2) Make a line through the middle of the poster
      3) On the left side, write the names of various fruits
      4) Tell students they will raise their hand when their favorite fruit is called
      5) Remind students to only raise hand once
      6) Before starting, ask students to close their eyes to avoid copying each other.
      7) Go down the list and tally when students raise their hands
      8) Have students open their eyes and count how many tally marks are for each fruit
      9) On another poster, write a big “L”
      10) Label the axis and explain bottom line will be fruits; left line will be the number of students
      11) Show them how to create a bar graph, Example: 3 students for strawberry
    12) Color each bar


      Which fruit had the most?


    Which fruit had the least?

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