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Here children color stars and individually place them into a class “favorite color” graph





Title – Graphing Stars
By – Valerie Nickel
Primary Subject – Math
Grade Level – 1


    Math – Graphing

Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills Math Grade 1 Standards:

      1.9 Probability and statistics. The student displays data in an organized form.


    The student is expected to:

      (B) use organized data to construct real object graphs, picture graphs, and bar-type graphs.

Objective (purpose):

  • Students will be able to create a graph.
  • Using the graph that they created they will be able to recognize relationships between the chart and the numbers represented.


  • Star cutouts.
  • Graphing board.


  • Teacher will call on a few students and ask them their favorite color.
  • Teacher will ask students if they think all of the students in the class like the same color.
  • Ask students if they know a way that we can show how many people like each color — “a graph.”


  • Teacher will pass out paper star outlines.
  • Instruct the students to color the star their favorite color.
  • When they are done have them cut out the star and write their name on the back.

Method of Explanation:

  • Call students to the carpet (front of the room).
  • Have all students who chose “blue” stand up and put their star in the chart.
  • Go through each color and have the students put their star in vertical rows on the chart, creating a graph.
  • As a class count the number of stars in each row and write the number on the board.
  • Explain to the class that we can use a graph to compare numbers.

Learning Activities/Reinforcement and individual assessment:

  • Ask students questions about the numbers of stars.
  • Example:
    • Which color did the most people like?
    • Which color did the least people like?
    • How many more people like BLUE than GREEN?
    • How many people liked PURPLE and RED (change colors to fit data collected)?


    Go over what a graph is and what other kinds of information the students could put in a graph — favorite ice cream flavors, pizza toppings, etc.


  • Students need to be able to collect information and create a visual of it.
  • They need to be able to present data in an organized manner. This skill will help them in future classes and beyond.

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