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“Joe’s Treasure Hunt” involves finding x:y coordinates on a graph




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Pirate Joe's Treasure Hunt
by Christopher Faulkner

Objective: Students will be able to identify the (x,y) coordinates of specific points on a graph.

Introduction: Remind students of the lesson where we plotted points on a graph. We can do the same process in reverse. Present a map and point out latitude and longitude. Explain how these lines help locate different places on a map. Tell students that this lesson will help them learn to use latitude and longitude on a map.

Instructional input: On overhead present a grid with points. Let students attempt to identify the coordinates on their own, facilitating their thoughts. When all the points are identified let students come up to overhead and place a point on the grid challenging the other students to identify it.

Evaluation: Pirate Joe never finished 5th grade so he can^Ã’t use the coordinates on his map to find the treasure. As first mates he will share it with us if we help him sail his ship to the correct coordinates.
Given a grid with treasures located at different points, students will correctly identify all the (x,y) coordinates of the treasures.

Closure: Go back to the map of the world and point out longitude and latitude. Ask students how the lesson relates to these lines. Can anyone identify the approximate location of our country in latitude and longitude?

Assignments: Bring in any map, except for a world map, and try to explain how it might be using (x,y) coordinates.

Resources: Overhead graph, world map with latitude and longitude, pirate Joe treasure map.




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