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Graph Project – Applying Graphs


Computers & Internet, Math  



Title – Graph Project – Applying Graphs

By – Kristin Reeves

Primary Subject – Math

Grade Level – 7

Multimedia Graphing Unit Contents:


    Graph Project


4.b.1. Students create a project (e.g., presentation, web page, newsletter, information brochure) using a variety of media and formats (e.g., graphs, charts, audio, graphics, video) to present content information to an audience.

D.RE.07.01. Represent and interpret data using circle graphs, stem and leaf plots, histograms, and box-and-whisker plots, and select appropriate representation to address specific questions.

Learning Resources and Materials:

    Kidspiration and Excel for creating their project.

Development of Lesson:


    This will come after lessons about various types of graphs.




  • Students will be given much creative freedom on this assignment.
  • They will be divided up into groups of two or three.
  • The groups’ first task is to pick a topic on which to gather research.
  • They will then save their information in an Excel file.
  • Next, they will use Kidspiration to make their class presentation.
  • Each presentation should use at least three different graphs.
  • Data needs to be presented in a cohesive manner.




The students will be placed into groups based on their learning styles (previously, each child will have already taken the learning style quiz). Intrapersonal, musical, etc. learning styles will be separated to ensure greatest effectiveness in each group.


Presentations will be graded per a rubric based on extent of research, Kidspiration file, presentation skills, etc.


Everyone will get to share his or her work!

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