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This Math Card Game is on Greater Than and Less Than




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Title – Greater/Less than Card Game
By – Kathy McGrew
Subject – Math
Grade Level – 1-2
Objective: the student will demonstrate the correct use of the greater than/less than symbol.

Materials: Prepare a spinner with the greater than/less than
symbol facing left in some spaces right in others.

A deck of playing cards with the face cards removed

Procedure: The student spins to determine which set of cards wins. Each student turns up a card and places it on their side of the spinner. If the spinner stops on the greater than symbol, the student with the greater number on their card collects both cards. If the spinner stops on the less than symbol, then the student with the lower card collects.

The game can be played until one student collects all cards, or the cards can be counted at the end of each round. To shorten the game, use fewer cards in the deck.

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