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This idea on Greater / Less Than uses Cand Bars




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Title – Greater than and Less than
By – Debbie Haren
Primary Subject – Math
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – 3-4th grade

To learn the signs for greater than and less than.
To know when you use what sign.

Talk to students about these signs < and >. Explain that this sign is gr4eater than >. And this sign is less than <. Explain to the children that you can look at these signs like mouths. The mouth is always going to want to point to the highest number. Have the children look at a problem such as this one.
44_____66. Have the children think of their favorite candy bar. Have a few of the students tell you what their favorite candy bar is. Then ask them if they would prefer 44 snicker bars or 66. Have the mouth point towards the higher number. Like this..

44 < 66. The mouth is pointing towards the higher number. Now have them read the sentence. 44 is less than 66. If the sign is the other way and the mouth is pointing this way > then the kids know that the first number is the largest number. SO they would read the problem like this.
88 > 22
Eighty eight is greater than twenty two. Keep practicing this for a few times and then give them a few problems on the board to try themselves at their seat. Then the person sitting next to them could give them a problem and they need to figure out the right sign. Then pick students to read the problem out loud to make sure they can read what the sign means in the sentence!

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