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In this lesson, students arrange groundhogs by size




PreK, K  

Title – Groundhog’s Sizes
By – Will Frost
Primary Subject – Math
Grade Level – Pre-K

Lesson Plan Title: Groundhog Prediction Picture Graph
Concept/Topic To Teach: Order objects by size

Standards Addressed:

    SC I A. 2 Order three objects by size.

General Goal(s):

    Order objects by size (small, medium, large)

Specific Objectives:

    TSWBAT order three groundhogs by size.

Required Materials:

      Three groundhogs (small, medium, large) (POSTER BOARD)

      Copies of three groundhogs for each student (PAPER COPIES)

    Bag full of objects of different sizes

Anticipatory Set (Lead-In):

    Today we are going to have a blast learning how to put objects in order. We are going to use Groundhogs to make it more fun.

Step-By-Step Procedures:

      1. Call students to the circle. Show students the posters of the groundhogs. (You should have a groundhog that is obviously large, medium, and small).

      2. Ask a student which groundhog is the biggest. If the student is correct, continue by asking the student which groundhog is the smallest. Then ask the student what they notice about the remaining groundhog.

      3. Then place the groundhogs in order on the carpet from the biggest to smallest.

      4. Give each student an individual copy of the groundhogs. Ask them to take out his or her groundhogs and place them in order from biggest to smallest.

    5. Place a bag full of different size objects in the math center. (EXAMPLE fry cartons, candles, etc.) Allow children to go to center and order objects.

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