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In this cooperative learning lesson, students estimate the number of objects in a box and add them together by grouping




1, 2, 3, 4  

Title – Guess how many?
By – Ms. Maritz in Sweden
Primary Subject – Math
Grade Level – 1-4

In this lesson students learn number sense and practice cooperative skills.

You can use this lesson again and again, week after week; all you have to do is change the items. Don’t be afraid of using large numbers. The children love when the sum exceeds 1000.

1. Show your student a transparent box or jar of cubes, macaroni, dry beans, etc.
2. Ask the students to guess the number of items in the box. Let everyone have a guess. Write the lowest and highest sum guessed on the board.
3. Ask the students about different ways to count the items in an easy way. Discuss different options.
4. Talk about the advantage of counting items by grouping into groups of tens.
5. Let the students work in groups of three or four. Divide the cubes, macaroni, dry beans, etc. among the groups.
6. Have the groups count their items, by grouping into tens, and then add them all together.
7. Before each group reports their sum, let the kids change their previous guesses if they want to.
8. Let one group at a time report their sum to you. Write the sums on the board.
9. Add them all together as a class and be amazed at the total sum!

Of course, this lesson may be varied by having the kids guess weights, lengths and volumes as well.

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