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“How Big is a Foot?” reinforces the concepts of longer and shorter




PreK, K, 1  

Title – How Big Is A Foot?
By – Linda Butler
Primary Subject – Math
Grade Level – PreK – 1


    To introduce or reinforce the concepts of longer and shorter


  • Book How Big Is A Foot? (or be familiar with the story)
  • construction paper
  • crayons or pencils
  • roll of wide paper

Day 1:

      Have students trace their right foot on a piece of construction paper.


      Cut it out and have them write their names on them.


      Discuss the terms longer and shorter.


      Using two randomly selected feet, have them decide which is the longer and shorter ones.


      Keep comparing each additional one to the ones you have done, keeping the longest and shortest of each.


    As a class, determine which is the longest and shortest.

Day 2:

      I usually retell the story

How Big Is A Foot?

    substituting the children’s names for the longest (the King or Queen) and the shortest (the royal carpenter). I tell them that the King or Queen wants to build a doghouse. Using the wide roll of paper, they measure, using the cutout feet from the day before of the king (longest) and the carpenter (shortest), four feet by six feet. They cut out the dimensions measured and then compare the two. A discussion follows as to why the two are different sizes.


    This leads into a unit on standard measurement and tools depending on the grade. I use inchworms in Pre-K and an inch-lined ruler in first grade.

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