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This lesson on measuring curvy objects asks, “How Long or How Short”




K, 1  

Title – How Long or How Short
By – Karyn Rogers
Primary Subject – Math
Grade Level – K-1


  • Measurement


  • Students will learn how to measure curvy objects.


  • Students will be able to identify length by using words such as shorter and longer.

Learning Resources and Materials:

  • poster board
  • 5 pipe cleaners (each a different color)
  • 5 markers (same colors used for pipe cleaners)
  • 12 inch string with knot on end
  • How Long or How Wide: A Measuring Guide ISBN: 978082266946

Development of Lesson:


      • The lesson will start by introducing the students to the above book.
      • The definition of measurement will be explained to students again after reading the book.
      • Students will be asked the definitions of measurement, longer and shorter.


    1. Take each pipe cleaner and bend them each in a different curvy shape.
    2. Have students guess what pipe cleaner is the shortest and which is the longest.
    3. Hold string at end that contains knot and measure pipe cleaner.
    4. As each pipe cleaner is measured, use the marker that matches pipe cleaner to mark the string.
    5. Determine the lengths of each pipe cleaner from shortest to longest.
    6. Record findings and compare with guesses.

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