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Integer operations and equations are the focus of this lesson




6, 7, 8  

Title – Integer Operations
By – Andy Field
Primary Subject – Math
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – 6-8

1. To review integer operations.
2. To practice integer operations.

TLW review and practice operations involving integer equations.

Set/Recall: (10 minutes) Show students the raise-a-grade certificates. Explain what they are and state that they will have a chance to win some today.
Review integer addition and subtraction: solicit the rules and principles from students and write them on board. Ask them for a few example of integer equations and write them on the board.

Procedure: (5 minutes)
Show transparency of example of cards and sticks in activity. Explain rules:
Students will be divided into groups of three: One will be the journal keeper, one will be
the record keeper, one will be the doer.
Before the activity, the record keeper makes a chart as shown on the overhead and the
journal keeper writes down the group’s prediction on how it will do.
Groups will have 5 minutes (or less, depending on ability of class) to match as many of the
20 sets of 2 cards and one stick as possible. Only the doer may actually touch
the cards and sticks, the others may only coach.
At the end of the time limit, the record keeper records how many sets the group was able to match on the chart. The journal keeper records this as well. The journal keeper records how the group felt before and after the first round.
The groups then switch sets of cards.
After 3-5 rounds, the record keeper averages the group’s score for all rounds. The group with the highest average receives raise-a-grade certificates.

Conduct activity (25 minutes)

Closure: (10 min)
Have the journal keepers explain their group’s participation in the activity. Have all students recap the major things we learned in the past three days: Adding integers, subtracting integers, and integer equations. Make sure they explain them!
Remind students of the test tomorrow.

Student participation in activities and discussions will indicate comprehension.
Written Test

Materials Needed:
Overhead projector
Transparency of example of cards and sticks
Transparency of chart
5 sets of ten operations sticks each
5 sets of 20 A and B index cards each
raise-a-grade certificates

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