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This is an Interactive Place Value lesson




3, 4, 5  

Title – Fill The Train Interactive place value lesson
By – Kim Cajacob
Primary Subject – Math
Secondary Subjects – Math
Grade Level – 3-5
Materials Needed:
On half sheets of construction paper write the numbers 0-9 *(two sets) and make 2 large commas.

Give each student two different numbers and pick two students to be your commas.

TLW need to understand HTO (Hundreds. tens, ones). I tell my kids place value is like a train. All cars hold one family HTO, and they each have a different last name! Hundreds, Thousands, Millions, ETC..

To begin Fill The Train, Place your “comma” kids in the front of the room, leaving enough space for three
“number” kids to fill in! This is a race so make sure your students have enough room to run to the front! Now, the fun really begins! You say: ex. “I want a 5 in the one thousands spot!” The first person to stand in the correct spot wins that seat in the car. Continue until all seats are full then have the class read the number they have just made!

At first you may be doing a lot of re-directing, but soon the kids get the hang of it and love to play this game!

Follow up Activity;
On dry erase boards I do two fun exercises…

1. I say write the number 3,765 (any number)
Next, for example, I’ll say put a star over the number in the tens place, draw a fish under the number in the one thousands place…etc

2. The students make a chart_ _ _,_ _ _. Now I call out numbers and place values for them to fill in their chart.

My 3rd graders love these interactive games, I sure your students will too!

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