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Here a fraction circle manipulative is used




3, 4, 5  

Title – Introducing Fractions
By – M. Burrell
Primary Subject – Math
Grade Level – 3-5

    The purpose of this lesson is for students to introduce students to fractions through the use of a manipulative.


    Fraction circles


    Today, we are going to begin fractions. I realize that they may sound like a very difficult thing, but you will see that fractions are not as intimidating as you think!


      1. Pass out fraction circles. Students should not start touching these until instructed to do so.
      2. Have the students open the circles and put them into groups by their colors. They should have 8 circles on their desks.
      3. Students should put their hands on their laps when they are finished. You will know they are finished, because they are still and not messing with their circles anymore.
      4. Students should count how many pieces make up each circle. Relate this to fractions. On the board write numerator/denominator. Students should write these two words in their notes. There are two pieces that make up this circle. Two is our denominator because that shows us how many pieces are in each circle. Write the number 2 beside the word denominator. Now, have the students pick up one piece of their two pieces. Ask what they think the numerator would be. One is the numerator. Our fraction is 1/2.
      5. Practice naming the numerator and denominator of each set of pieces. Ex. Have the students represent 3/5 with their pieces. Have the students represent 7/8 with their pieces.
    6. After students are comfortable with finding given fractions, let students begin comparing fractions. Ex. Is 1/4 bigger than 1/12?

Check for understanding:

    Check to see what students are creating with their fraction circles.


    Students should put their fraction circle pieces back into their containers. For homework, students will complete a worksheet where they are to identify what fraction matches with the pictures.

Note: This is just an introduction to fractions. You can modify this activity for the Promethean Board. Create a flip chart with the fraction circle pieces. Students can drag the fraction pieces on the board and create given fractions.

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