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“It’s On Sale” is the title of this lesson on money and shopping




3, 4, 5  


Title – It’s On Sale!
By – Mike Morgan
Primary Subject – Math
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – 3-4-5
For 2/3 people in a group.
Materials: piece of paper (for doing the math); a weekly advertisement from a grocery store or department store. (Have enough of these to use in your room with groups of 2/3 people)

1. Students decide on roles (customer, clerk, store manager)
2. Decide on one set amount- $50.00; $75.00; etc
3. Students “shop” by selecting items that are in the advertisement. As the teacher you can decide on items that “need” to be purchased. For example if grocery shopping groups must “buy” one gallon of milk, at least 3 pounds of meat, at least four vegetables (canned or frozen), 1 snack item, etc. Or tell the students that they must spend within $5.00 of the set amount. If the set amount is $50.00, then they would have to spend at least $45.00.
4. When customer is done shopping, the clerk must “check” the customer’s math. For a group of 3 students the store manager settles any disputes by checking both the customer’s and the clerk’s math.
5. Switch roles and start all over again.

Extensions: This activity is a good one around Thanksgiving and Christmas when the “big catalogs” come out. Or look for vacation guides and plan a trip using the same idea. Students would have to plan meals, gas mileage, hotels stays, etc.

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