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In this lesson, special needs students practice counting by jumping squares






Title – Jumping Beans
By – Jessica
Primary Subject – Math
Grade Level – K

**I work with special needs students. This could be adapted to suit other classes, but is best with one on one work or with a small group.

Behavioral Objective: After a discussion, TSWDTAT count real objects and recognize what the number is before or after by jumping on designated squares.


      A row of a certain shape


    Number cards in case needed


      Set: “We have been learning about counting. Can anyone tell me what we have learned so far? We have also been talking about numbers that come before and after another number. What do we do to find the number that comes before the number 7? Very good!! Today, we are going to practice counting in a very fun way?”
      Explanation: We will discuss the importance of not skipping numbers when counting. We will also review and practice touching or pointing to each object that we are counting. Use the example of walking numbers while practicing before and after. (You can make a walking number line various ways.)
    Guided Practice: When finished with the review, take your student(s) out in the hallway or out on the playground or sidewalk. This could be done in many different settings, but these are just a few examples. Ex: While standing in the hallway, tell the student which block to stand in. You stand in the one you want them to end with, or have something to mark it with. Have the student jump on every block between the one they are in and the one that is marked. They must count aloud each time they land in a block. Once they have the correct number, ask them to turn around. Tell them a number and ask them to figure out which number comes before or after that number as they are jumping back to the block that they started from.

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