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Here kindergartners make and “read” their Circus Balloon Counting Book


Language Arts, Math  


PreK, K  

Title – Circus Counting Book
By – Megan
Primary Subject – Math
Secondary Subjects – Language Arts
Grade Level – Pre-K to Kindergarten

Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills Standards:

    K1C: Use numbers to describe how objects in a set are related, using verbal symbolic descriptions.


    Teacher will write 1-10 on board and ask students to make counting books using cut out circus balloons. Students will read their books to teacher.


      Today we will be making circus counting books in centers. This will help us learn our numbers one through ten.


    Teacher will write numbers 1-10 on board. Let’s count our numbers together. Teacher will count and point to numbers with students.

Method of Explanation:

At your centers table there will be blank books and balloon pieces.


      Teacher will show examples.

First write your name on the cover of your book, then on each page of your book you will see a number.


      Teacher will point to example.

Then you will count out that number of balloon pieces,


      teacher will show example,


and glue these pieces into you book,


      teacher will show example.

You will do this for every page of your book, and when you are done, you need to come and show me your book and then put it in the box.


    Teacher will release kids for centers.

Learning activities:

      When kid’s books are completed teacher will ask students to “read” books to her.


      Closure: “

You did a great job on your circus counting books.


    Teacher will remind them to add names and to put books in box.

Relevancy: “Now that we can count one through ten you will be able to count many different things at home and school too.”

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