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Pre-K and Special Ed students learn to count from 1 to 10 here with the help of a Gummi Bear book and other manipulatives


Language Arts, Math  



Title – Counting Gummi Bears
By – Jackie Picchione
Primary Subject – Math
Secondary Subjects – Language Arts
Grade Level – Pre-K

Class Composition:

  • Grade:
    • Pre-K — Special Education Inclusion class
    • 6 special education students that have (PPD) Pervasive Development Disorder/Autism with general education students.
  • Ratio:
    • 6-1-1
    • 10-1
  • Teachers:
    • One Special Education Teacher, an assistant and a one-to-one.
    • One General Education Teacher with an assistant.


  1. Student will be able to count the numbers one through ten aloud.
  2. Students will identify the numbers one through ten.
  3. Students will show the numbers one through ten using manipulatives.


  • Student will use manipulatives to correspond to the number on their bear.


  1. The Gummi Bear Counting Book by Ann Richardson.
  2. A sandwich bag for each student in the class containing then Gummi Bears.
  3. Cut outs in the shape of bears with the number written on their stomach.
    (Each student will have a different number on his or her bear.

Introduction/Motivation/Warm Up:

  1. Show the students a stuffed bear.
  2. Ask the students what animal it is that I am holding.
  3. Continue the discussion by allowing them to talk about any stuffed animal that they might own.
  4. Explain to the students that they will be learning something very special today, to count using bears.
  5. Introduce the book, The Gummi Bear Counting Book . While reading the story, display the corresponding number. After the story is completed, review the bears on the blackboard by counting aloud together.


  1. Explain to the students that they will each be given a bag that has ten bears in it.
  2. Inform the students that they are not to eat them until they are told to.
  3. Show them the bear cut-outs they will receive and show them that each one has a different number on it.
  4. After they are passed out, begin calling out a number from 1 through 10.
  5. The task of the student is to match their bear with the number called out and place that number of gummi bears on top of it.


  1. One way is to have the students get into small groups and play the game themselves, using each other to check their understanding of numbers.
  2. Walk around the room checking to see if the students are placing the right number of Gummi Bears on their bear.


  1. The students that can only count 1-5 will be given only bears with those numbers on them.
  2. Students will be grouped heterogeneously so that they can help one another.


  1. The next day, the students will be given bears with the numbers 1-10 on them. The students will place the appropriate bears on the corresponding bear cutout by using counting bears. This will be sequencing, one to one.
  2. The teacher will be able to assess the students as she walks around from table to table.

Standards: Mathematics:

  • M1a – Add, subtract, multiply and divide whole numbers.
  • M4b – Display data.

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