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5 Step Lesson Plan – The Doorbell Rang


Language Arts, Math  



By – Renea Magnani

Lesson Vitals:
1. Topic of Lesson: Math/Language Arts
2. Objective: Students will demonstrate understanding of multiplication/division concepts.
3. Materials: Teacher-The Doorbell Rang by Pat Hutchins, Literature Notes for The Doorbell Rang by Frank Schaffer Publications, Inc. (must be purchased from Frank Shaffer Publications – “FS-2819 Literature Notes for The Doorbell Rang” – worksheets are included here), overhead copy of “Cookie Math” from Literature Notes, Bulletin Board Pattern, magnetic manipulative to use on white board, dry erase pens and eraser. Students – “A Dozen Cookies” worksheet from Literature Notes, The Doorbell Rang “Mini-Report” worksheet from Literature Notes, pencil, felt square.
4. Key vocabulary: Division, multiplication, fact families, and math sentence.
5. Grade Level: 2

Step 1- Anticipatory Set:
1. Focus: Show the cover of the book to students then discuss and predict what might happen. Talk about the author/illustrator.
2. Objective: While story is read to students they will work with manipulates in order to make division and multiplication discoveries. From these discoveries students will be prepared to work with a partner to complete the worksheet “Cookie Math.”
3. Transfer from previous lesson: Remind students of last week’s math center at which they worked with manipulatives to do multiplication/division work.

Step 2 – Instruction:
1. Model the skill: After discussing the book students will watch as teacher demonstrates the use of manipulative on the board to create a picture and a math sentence to match.
2. Check for understanding: Ask a few students for their ideas and allow time for questions from those who may have them.

Step 3 – Guided Practice
1. After above demonstration teacher will create a chart on the board as relates to “Cookie Math” so that students will later be able to complete their worksheets.

Step 4 – Closure / Review:
1. Review: Teacher discusses the concepts from the book and reviews the chart on board with the class.

Step 5 – Independent Practice-
1. Students are paired with a partner and each is provided with “Cookie Math” worksheet. Student’s work to complete the worksheet accurately while teacher assists when needed. When complete students may color their cookies with pencil if they’d like.

Evaluation: Teacher collects worksheets and reviews for understanding.

Overhead and worksheets:

  • Cookie Math overhead
  • A Dozen Cookies worksheet
  • Mini-Report worksheet
  • Bulletin Board Pattern
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