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Polygon Monsters – create them and write about them!


Language Arts, Math  


3, 4  

Title – Polygon Monster
By – D Heefner
Primary Subject – Math
Secondary Subject – Language Arts Grade Level – 3-4

Objective: Student will demonstrate knowledge of different types of polygons.

Have class discussion and list on board all the different kinds of polygons they have been studying. Tell them they will make a monster using at least one of each of the shapes. Tell the students they must label one of each kind of shape that they use. I do not allow them to draw anything on their finished product. It must be totally constructed.

You can use a variety of things, but I have them make it out of construction paper. I offer 8 – 10 colors and they choose 5 plus a background sheet. You also need scissors and a marker for labeling.

Time to do this may vary, but normally we spend 30 minutes at a time over 2 -3 days.

As an extension, we sometimes write stories about our monsters. We then attach the story to the monster and hang them in the hall.

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