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This is just a fun game idea that can go along with Math or Spelling


Language Arts, Math  


K, 1, 2, 3  

Title – Spelling/Math Game
By – Beth Matheson
Subject – Math, Language Arts
Grade Level – K-3
Game for those dreary days to spice up your students motivation.
BULL’S EYE (2 teams)

Nerf/dart gun
White/magnetic board

Have one boy/one girl come to the board. Give a problem and others stay focused by also writing the problem on their papers and solving.

Each team gets a point for the correct answer. However, the team that answers first get to shoot for extra points by using a plastic dart/nerf gun to shoot onto the magnetic board or white board. You can adjust the points depending on the grade level- such as 3,2,1 within the circles.

Students can shoot for extra points, also, by throwing a paper wad into a circle on floor.

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