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This is yet another lesson idea on Greater Than / Less Than




2, 3  

Title – Greater than less than

By – Debbie Haren

Subject – Math

Grade Level – 2-3

Introduce < > and = by using a transparency with these items on it. Discuss that the opening is like a mouth and the mouth would always want to pointing toward the most candy or canybars. Then go to board and put two numbers ex. 85___ 20. Now ask the kids What would you like 85 Mars bars or 20? Then put the mouth towards the 85. Explain the math problem now as a sentence. 85 is more than 20. Now have the children come to the board and write a problem for someone else. Then have another student come up and put the proper sign. Then have another student explain the math problem asd a sentence. Have the students decide what is their favorite candybar and make their own problem using their favorite candybar, then have them pick someone beside them or across from them to put the correct math symbol in to solve the prblem. I did this lesson with 3 and 4 graders and they loved it and understood the concept in one lesson.




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