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This idea helps to teach Long Division by memorizing an Acronym




4, 5  

Title – Teaching Long Division with an Acronym

By – Lucy

Primary Subject – Math

Secondary Subjects –

Grade Level – 4-5

You start by explaining what an acronym is. It is a short cut using letters to represent a word in a phrase. Allow students to come up to board and share their versions of an acronym. Now say that you are going to teach them how to remember the steps of long division by remembering an acronym. The acronym is Does McDonalds Serve Cheese Burgers. Have students write DMSCB on the top of their papers before even starting. Next, write a long division problem using only one digit in divisor. Now show them that for each letter there is a step. D is for Division. M is for multiplication. S is for subtraction. C is for Checking your answer. B is for Bring it down.

You can do each step looking at the letters. Explain each step as you go. If they get lost, all they have to do is look up and they can get back on track. Next, introduce two digits and so on in the divisor.




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