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This is the M&M; color graphing lesson with a probability twist





Title – M&M; Chart
By – Amber Williams
Primary Subject – Math
Grade Level – Kindergarten

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills:

    111.12.b. Mathematics, Kindergarten:

      (K.12) Probability and statistics. The student constructs and uses graphs of real objects or pictures to answer questions. The student is expected to:

        (B) use information from a graph of real objects or pictures in order to answer questions.

Objective (purpose):

    The students will categorize the M&Ms; given to them by the teacher into six color categories.


    The teacher will tell the students that we are going to separate the M&Ms; into the different groups of colors: brown, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. Make sure the students know not to eat any of the M&Ms; until the teacher tells them they can. The teacher will now pass out the M&M; packets and the charts.


    Before the students open the M&M; packets, the teacher will ask the students to guess what color of M&Ms; they will have the most of and then have them fill out the question blank on the worksheet. The teacher will tell the students that after they count the number of M&Ms; of one color that they will color the number of boxes in the different colors column until they finish the worksheet. After this, the students are allowed to open the bags and start counting. Once they finish the chart, the students will raise their hand to have the teacher check the paper, if there are no mistakes, the students can start eating the M&Ms.;

Method of Explanation:

    The students will be at their table for the activity and the teacher will be at the front of the classroom going over the instructions. After the students start the activity, the teacher will walk around the room helping students and answering the students’ questions.

Learning Activities/Reinforcement and Individual Assessment:

    After the students finish the chart, the teacher will tell the students to answer the second question: Was your prediction right about what color of M&Ms; you would have most of? If NOT, what color did you have most of? After the students answer the question, the teacher will ask each student what color of M&Ms; did they have most of and make a tally chart of it on the board.



    The teacher will now ask the class as a whole, what color of M&Ms; did the class have most of according to the tally marks on the board.


    The students use the different M&M; colors, which connects to the color theme, to categorize them into groups, which is a math skill.

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