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Graphing favorite Thanksgiving foods is the central activity of this lesson plan




K, 1  

Title – Favorite Thanksgiving foods
By – Eric & Marcus
Primary Subject – Math
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – K-1
This lesson deals mainly with graphing for math, and actually starts the day before with the teacher asking students what their favorite Thanksgiving foods are.
There is a considerable amount of prep time. The teacher has to make a turkey with a big body and feathers with two small feet. The body is enlarged so all of the students’ pictures can fit on the body.

The next day (the day of the lesson), the teacher builds on this by first reviewing what we talked about the previous day.
The children are handed out foods that were talked about the previous day as Thanksgiving Day foods (turkey, corn, pumpkin pie, cookies, mashed potatoes and gravy). The students are first told of the choices they have and they vote for their favorite food.
The teacher then hands out a picture of each food to whomever raised their hand as it being their favorite (the pictures are drawn by the teacher and dashes are made along it so they have to cut it out and paste it onto a piece of construction paper). The students then cut out their picture along the dotted lines, and then paste it onto a piece of construction paper.
From there the students are then asked who has what foods and they place them on the turkey graph which was created by the teacher and the class finds out which was the favorite food in the class.
Questions you might ask to culminate activity include:
What can we tell by looking at our graph?
What food was the most favorite?
What food was 2nd, 3rd, and 4th or 5th?
Have students verify the results by counting all of the foods.
At the beginning a story to gather the students into the topic about Thanksgiving was also used.

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