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A Math lesson on Measurement of Distance




5, 6  

Jeff Anger

Distance Calculation


Grade: 5 – 6

Materials: Children, tape measure

This activity is intended to help children develop a sense of distance. They will be pacing off distances in order to be able to estimate a distance.

1) Ask children how they might calculate the length of the playground.

2) Share about the ability to calculate using a pacing technique. (my pace is one for

three feet)

3) Go to the play ground and have them figure their pace for ten yards or thirty feet.

4) They will then figure out how long the playground is.

5) Have them figure out how long the school is.

6) Use these same numbers to begin an lesson on area.

This activity would be a great lead – in for a lesson in orienteering. You could have them figure the perimeter of the school, the area of the school, or playground.

For advanced children start having them learn how to use a compass, and then you can chart directions.

From the mind of:

Jeff Anger

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