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In this worksheet lesson, tails are pinned to monkeys in order by length






Title – Monkey Tails
By – Mindy Prengler
Primary Subject – Math
Grade Level – Kindergarten

Note from For this lesson you will have to create a worksheet with three monkeys that have no tails.

Measurement – The students use attributes such as length, weight, or capacity to compare and order objects.

Learning Objectives: Students will be able to compare different lengths. Students will be able to differentiate mathematical objects and put objects in order according to size.

Materials needed:
– worksheet with monkeys on it
– yarn/string
– scissors

Pre-Activity Preparation: Make copies of the worksheet and have the string ready.

Transition: Students will move to their tables to begin the activity. Say “One, two, three, eyes on me” for attention purposes.

Establishing Introduction: “Monkeys have really long tails, but some have longer tails than others; let’s put them in order.

Learning Experiences/Presentation/Procedure
1) Distribute the worksheets to each student
2) Cut a two-foot length of brown yarn for each child
3) Distribute lengths of yarn
4) For each exercise, have child cut out three tails of different lengths
5) Have students glue the tails on their paper in order from longest tail to shortest, and if you want to, from shortest to longest
6) After they have finished, have them clean up
7) Go over length again
9) Move to the book corner

Have students measure objects around the room.

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