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Here is a lesson on money




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Sarah Blumenthal

Amy Standridge

October 23, 1996

Math Lesson Plan

Topic: Money

Grade: Second

Objectives: The students will be able to…

1. Correctly identify each coin and its assigned value.

2. Use the coins to arrive at the designated total marked on the envelops.


A. Anticipatory Set

1. Allow the children to examine pennies, nickels, and dimes.

2. Ask the students how much each coin is worth.

3. Ask the students what coin has the greatest value.

4. Ask the students what coin has the least value.

5. Ask the students how much the nickel is worth.

6. Ask the students how much money they would have if they had one penny, one nickel, and one dime.

B. Concept Development/Activity

C. Practice

1. in pairs, the students will choose an envelop with a designated value amount written on it.

2. Using pennies, nickels, and/or dimes, the students will place the specific amount of money in the envelop.

3. After placing the coins in the envelop, the students trade envelops with their partner. Each person checks what the other one did to make sure it is correct.

4. After each person has checked the amount in the envelop, it is their turn to come up with the correct amount on their new envelop using a different combination of coins than their partner did.

5. The students then trade envelops again to check the work of their partner.

6. Once each partner has completed the activity, the students trade envelops with another group. Now the partners repeat the entire activity following steps 2 – 5.

1. Have the students get a new partner.

2. With the handout provided, the students will be asked to use only a specific amount of coins to arrive at the designated value.

3. The teacher may demonstrate an example on the board if necessary to clarify. EXAMPLE:

(.10) (.05) (.05) (.01) (.01) (.01) (.01) (.01)

D. Closure


1. Problem of the Day.

2. The students will be given a handout in which to complete the problem of the Day.

3. They have $1.25 to spend on lunch. They must choose at least one item from each category (fruit/vegetable, drink, sandwich, and snack) without going over $1.25.

4. The students discuss with the entire class what selections they made and why.

5. The teacher can ask various extension questions such as:

* How many different combinations are there?

* If you buy the most expensive thing in each category, do you have enough money?

* If you buy the least expensive thing in each category, how much money do you have left over?

* Plastic coins (pennies, nickels, dimes)

* Envelops marked with designated coin values

* Activity sheet for the Practice section

* Activity sheet for the Problem of the Day


* Mathematics Plus. Grace M. Burton, Ph.D. et al. Harcourt Brace & Company. New York: NY, 1994. 121A – 122 (Teacher’s Edition).

* Sarah Blumenthal

* Amy Standridge


Practice with Coins

For this worksheet, you and your partner must come up with a combination of coins that equal the designated dollar amount given. After you have completed the handout you can extend this practice activity by trying to come up with different combinations of coins to reach the same dollar amount. Further ideas include making up your own problem and having your partner try to figure out the answer(s).




Problem of the Day

Before you went to school this morning your mom or dad gave you some lunch money. They provided you with $1.25 to purchase the food with. Your parents instructed you to eat a well – rounded meal which consisted of four different categories. You had to choose at least one food item from each category. If you had enough money left over then your parents said that you could get anything else you wanted. Choose from the items below to make your lunch.


Apple $ .05 Milk $ .15 Hamburger $ .75 Cookie $ .25

Banana $ .06 Juice $ .20 Turkey $ .65 Chips $ . 35

Orange $ .07 Soda $ .35 PB &Jelly $ . 55 Candy $ .45

From these items, what would you choose to eat? Why?





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