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This lesson is about money and the values of nickels and pennies




K, 1, 2, 3  

   Subject: Math
Title: Money
by Shaune R. Charrier

Objective: The learner will identify the value of a penny and nickel; count groups of pennies and nickels.

    Punchout Money
    Overhead Money

Procedure: Direct students to the overhead and overhead money. Have students look at the penny and read the words under it. Ask them to look at the nickel and tell how the nickel is different from the penny in size, color, and value. Ask how many cents are there in a nickel, and direct students to the words under the nickel. Explain that one nickel and five pennies are the same amount of money. Explain to students how to count pennies by one’s and nickels by five’s. Have students complete textbook pages. They may use punch out coins if necessary.

Closure: Closing activity-done as a whole class. Label paper cups from 1 cent to 9 cent. Ask students to put the correct amount of punchout cons into the cups. Discuss different combinations of coins for values more than five cents.

Evaluation: Whole class-check textbook pages together by individual students displaying the correct answers on the overhead, using the overhead.

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