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This lesson plan is on Multiplication By 2




2, 3  

Title – Grouping Math

By – Carolyn Murray

Subject – Math

Grade Level – 2-3

Lesson Plan Format


Through the use of manipulatives, students will learn the “x 2” multiplication facts.

NCTM Standard – #6 Number Sense and Numeration


Students will use colored chips to show the grouping for “sets of”

Students will discover the quotient is double the factor being multiplied by 2.


Colored chips – enough for each student to have 25

Colored chips for the overhead

Overhead machine

Pencil and Paper

crayons or markers


Lesson Initiating Activities: The teacher will ask the students to think of things that come in sets of two (i.e. eyes, hands, feet, bicycle tires, windshield wipers, shoes). The teacher will make a list on the board of all the items he students can recall. Individual bags of colored chips will be passed out to the students.

Core Activities: The teacher will write the problems on the board, for example:

2 x 3 = 6

placing the answer in after the students have told the teacher how many chips there are in 2 sets of _____. The teacher will read the equation as:

2 sets of 3 are 6

The students will be asked to show with their colored chips, 2 sets of the ___ number at their desks/tables. The teacher will walk around to review what is on the desks/tables. Allow students time to do groupings. Periodically the teacher may ask a student to come up and demonstrate the set using the overhead. The teacher will ask the students what the equation means, asking them to read it as “2 sets of _____ are _____”. Make sure to fill in the answers on the board as you record the problems. The teacher will ask the students to show sets for all numbers from 1 to 12. Students should see the pattern that the quotient is doubled the factor multiplied by 2.

Closure Activities: Have students color multiplication fish pictures. There are 2 pictures, one slightly more difficult then the other, and can be given to the children based on their performance. Ask the students to solve the equations and color the space with the appropriate color. The teacher should hang these up around the room when completed and graded.


Students are asked to complete the Cuisenaire Rods Picture Puzzle Sheet and color in the picture after figuring equations. The puzzle is similar to a crossword puzzle.


If students did not finish coloring multiplication pictures, they may complete for homework. Give students the coloring sheet they did not receive as a homework assignment.




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