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Here’s a unique Multiplication Game idea that uses a Soccer Ball




3, 4  


Title – Silent Ball Multiplication
By – Katie
Primary Subject – Math
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – 3-4
Objective: Students practice multiplication facts

Materials: soccer ball with numbers 0-9 written in each hexagon (if the soccer ball has black hexagons, decide which number the black ones represent that day)

1. Students sit on top of their desks
2. Without talking, students pass the ball to each other. Whatever numbers the students thumbs land on when catching the ball are the numbers he or she multiplies together. For example, one thumb lands on a 5 and the other lands on a 7. The student says, ” Five times seven equals 35.”
3. The student then passes the ball to someone else.
4. Students have to sit down if they talk (unless they have the ball) or they get the problem wrong.

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