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Students will have fun and learn their math facts by going on a multiplication treasure hunt in this lesson




4, 5  

Title – Multiplication Treasure Hunt

By – Clint Sanford

Primary Subject – Math

Secondary Subjects –

Grade Level – 4th-5th grade

Materials: Something hard to write on, pencil, mulitiplication treasure map

Objective: TSW recognize and be able to answer basic multiplication facts.

Procedure: During your planning period or after school pick out a destination you want you students to get to. Secondly, you need to decide the path you want them to take to their destination. Next, you need to count the steps to each turn and record it on a peice of paper. Finally, when you get back to your class, make up some basic multiplication facts to be the steps. For example, on the treasure map you could type:

  • Go 3×4=___ steps and turn right.

  • Go 5×9=___ steps and turn left.

    … and so on …

Below is an example of one that I made up the other day.

  • Go 4×2= ____ steps and turn left.

  • Go 8×5= ____ steps and turn left.

  • Go 5×2= ____ steps and turn right.

  • Go 9×3= ____ steps and turn right.

  • Go 9×7= ____ steps and turn left.

  • Go 10×3= ____ steps and turn right.

  • Go 6×5= ____ steps and turn right.

  • Go 3×3= ____ steps and collect your prize. It will be on your left.

It works better if there is some kind of prize or candy at their destination. It could also work well with addition, subtraction, and division.


Clint Sanford


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