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Don’t be a “denominator hater” ’cause “Adding Fractions Rap” is in the house!


Math, Music  


5, 6, 7  

Title – Adding Fractions Rap
By – Antionette B. Kimball
Primary Subject – Math
Secondary Subject – Music

Grade Level – 5-7


      Toni Kimball is a retired math teacher and an indi music artist. She has graciously allowed us to share her copyrighted

Adding Fractions Rap

      with teachers and students. The lyrics are below and you can listen to her MP3 at

    – a place for musicians to share music and promote it online. When her linked page appears, just click on -SONGS- in the menu bar above or on -SHOW ALL SONGS- at the bottom of the page, then choose “Adding Fractions Rap.”

The Lyrics:

Adding Fractions Rap

I have this wacky teacher who tries to teach me math.
She makes the numbers bigger or cuts them right in half.
She says when we must add these numbers we call fractions,
Look at the denominators to see if there’s any action.

If the denominators are the same
then add the tops, yes, add the tops,
But keep the bottoms the same, the same.
That’s the name of this adding fractions game.

You can add; Yes, you can add;
But what you add is only the tops.
And it’s right there that you should stop,
And leave the bottoms the same, the same.

Yes, add the numerators, but stop right there.
Denominators stay the same as they were.
Denominators stay the same, the same,
That’s the name of this adding fractions game.

If denominators are not the same,
Forget this game. What a shame!
Nothing can be added; don’t even try.
Nothing will be right and I’ll tell you why.

When you are adding, things must be alike.
All you do is count the things in sight.
Bananas are bananas, and pears will still be pears.
Just because you add them won’t mean they will change.
Wouldn’t that be something really strange?

So when denominators are not the same,
The thing you really need to do
Is make the bottoms the same, the same
To get right back into the game.

Deliberately on purpose, you can make it right.
Just make equivalent fractions without a fight.
When you’ve made the bottoms look just alike
Add the new numerators now and then make sure
You keep the new denominators just as they are.

Fix the fraction, now, if you really must.
Check it for reducing or change it from improper.
You will be just like an adding fractions doctor!
Add up all the whole numbers now
And you’ve won this adding fractions game,
Wow, Wow, Wow!

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