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This addition/absolute value lesson plan uses a song to help teach the concepts


Math, Music  


2, 3, 4, 5  

Title – Addition of Integers

By – Robert Silvera

Primary Subject – Math

Secondary Subjects – Music

Grade Level – 2-5

This plan touches on the Multiple Intelligences concept that says that not all students learn the same way. All students learn ‘best’ using their different intelligences. This one touches on the musical intelligence.

Review – Review the definition of integers and absolute value being the distance from zero on the number line.

Objective – The students will be able to add integers.

Method – Using the melody of “Row, row, row, your boat” give the students the following words:

“Same Sign, Add and keep,

Different sign, subtract.

Take the sign of the higher number

Then it’ll be exact!”

Explain that ‘higher number’ means higher absolute value. Continue with the melody, singing (and maybe dancing around the room)! Get the students to sing along and keep repeating it.

Complete a set of practice problems on the board and/or from textbook.

(Take my word – they do remember the rule this way!)

Assignment – Give a worksheet to the students with room at the top to write the words to our new ‘tune’ and a set of practice problems.

Enrichment – Challenge the students to come up with their own set of words to a well known tune for the other operations involving integers.


Robert Silvera


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