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With Kidspiration and some rhyming skills, students create a multiplication rap video here for “The Fours”


Computers & Internet, Math, Music  



Title – Multiplication Rap – The Fours
By – Kristin
Primary Subject – Math
Secondary Subjects – Music, Computers & Internet
Grade Level – 3


    Multiplication Facts – “The Fours”


    Math Standard N.FL.03.11:

    • Find products fluently up to 10 x 10.
    • Find related quotients using multiplication and division relationships.

Learning Resources and Materials:

    • Multiplication flashcards for reference
    • Kidspiration software for recording and images

Development of Lesson:


      1. Students will be divided up into ten groups and assigned a corresponding number 1-10.
      2. Each group will then write a two line “rap” about their number multiplied by four.
        (e.g. ” Four times two equals eight. This class sure is great! “)
      3. We will then compile these mini-raps into one classroom rap.
      4. The students will rehearse until they have memorized each multiplication fact of four .
      5. The class will perform their creation and record it on Kidspiration.
      6. Teacher will later pair the performance with graphics of the facts and create a fun video for the students.


      • This lesson follows previous instruction on multiplication facts and the facts of four will be reviewed beforehand.
      • The students will be placed in groups based on their learning styles. Their learning style was determined previously through a learning style quiz. Students with intrapersonal, musical, etc. learning styles will be separated to ensure greatest effectiveness in each group.


        If any child with special needs is not be able to work well in groups with other children, the teacher should help them personally to create their own “rap”.


        After our classroom rap is created and learned by all, there will be a test on the multiplication facts of four. The students’ scores on this test will demonstrate the success of this learning activity.


      As a class, we will reflect on the test scores. If this is a successful lesson, I will consider incorporating music into other lessons to help reinforce various topics.

Teacher Reflection:

    N/A at this time.

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