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This math and music idea instills numeracy without using number symbols


Math, Music  


3, 4, 5  

Title – Music and Math Numeracy
By – Sheena Carty
Primary Subject – Math
Secondary Subject – Music
Grade Level – 3-5


    The above not only trains the musical ear, but deals with quantity, instilling numeracy without using number symbols.


  • Begin the lesson with all the children sitting in a circle.
  • Explain to the children that you will hit a drum and they must show you the amount of sounds using one hand, i.e. if you hit two beats, they should show two fingers.
  • Repeat this using the other hand and see who has the correct number of fingers displayed on both hands.
  • Ask the chosen student to then strike the drum to the value of both hands, i.e.

    4 left hand + 2 right hand = 6 beats on the drum.

  • If the student is correct, they then begin the game by hitting the drum whilst the other students display the amount on their fingers and continue as above.

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