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A Math lesson plan that uses Music to help teach the Multiplication Facts


Math, Music  


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Karen Meese


Lesson Plan Subject: Music

Lesson Plan Title: Music Times Facts


The lesson plan:


Lesson Plan: Integrating Music with the Teaching of Multiplication Facts



Grade Level: Grades 2-4


Lesson Objectives: To memorize multiplication facts 7×3 through 7×8 and 8×3 through 8×8. To make up a rhyming couplet using one of the facts. To enjoy singing a silly song.


Materials: Autoharp (or any instrument that can play chords), multiplication flashcards for above facts, overhead transparency of words to song, copies of words to song for each student, overhead projector.



Motivation: The teacher holds up a set of flashcards and begins to elicit answers to the facts from the class. She/he stops and says: “We can try to memorize our sevens and eights this way, but I have a better idea. I know a song that can help you learn these facts.”


Activities in order of presentation:

1. The teacher sings the chorus to the song “Times Facts” (see below) once by herself with the Autoharp accompaniment.

2. She puts the words to the chorus on the overhead for the whole class to read together. (The teacher leads and says the words in rhythm.)

3. The teacher teaches each phrase of the song a capella using the echo method.

4. Add the Autoharp and sing through twice.

5. Pass out song sheets to each student. Have them find the “Chorus” at the top of the sheet. Then draw the class’ attention to the first verse. Have them follow along while the teacher sings and plays the first verse. Encourage the students to join in the second time through the first verse.

6. Repeat step 5 by slowly singing and playing each verse with the whole class. Sing the chorus each time.

7. When the teacher and class get to verse five, point out that this verse is incomplete Encourage the class to say the verse with you, and when you get to the blank, solicit a word that would rhyme and make sense. Now sing that verse and the chorus.

8. Before beginning verse six, point out to the students that two whole lines of words have been left out. If they can think of some words that would fit the music and rhyme, they would be writing a “rhyming couplet.” Tell them to take three minutes to think and write. Then the teacher should call on volunteers and fill in the new words on the overhead for the entire class to see. Sing the new verse and the chorus.


Closure: Sing through the entire song once with Autoharp.


Song: “Times Facts” (Words by Karen Meese. Tune: “Skip to My Lou”)

Chorus: Times facts, they’re a breeze;

Learn a few, then work on speed.

Times facts, you’ll be surprised

By just how fast you can memorize.

Verses: 3 times 7 is 21

Now, at last, we’ve all begun.

4 times 7 is 28

Let’s sing what we appreciate. (Chorus)


5 times 7 is 35.

Yes, by gosh, we’re still alive.

6 times 7 is 42.

I forgot what we’re supposed to do. (Chorus)


7 times 7 is 49.

Hey, Bud, can you spare a dime?

8 times 7 is 56.

Please tell me how I got in this fix. (Chorus)


3 times 8 is 24.

Go and throw the cat out the door.

4 times 8 is 32.

Now, please don’t try to bite my shoe. (Chorus)


5 times 8 is for—ty.

Will you please stop tickling me?

6 times 8 is 48.

Hurry up or we’ll be ___________. (Chorus)


7 times 8 is 56.


8 times 8 is 64.

_________________________________ (Chorus)

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