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This lesson is called “Number Sentences” and focuses on Addition




K, 1  

Title – Number Sentences
By – Harry Yeakel
Subject – Math
Grade Level – K-1
Lesson Activity:


colored beans
large paper beans

Lesson Plan

1. The beans will be placed in a jar and the students will be asked to guess the number of beans in the jar. After the students have guessed, the teacher will count what appears to be half of the beans in the jar. After half of the beans have been counted the students will be given a chance to change their estimation.

      A. The students will be asked to retrieve their plates, chart, beans and cup for this lesson.
      B. The students will then be given time too freely experiment with the materials.
      C. The attention will then be brought back to the instructor. The instructor will then model the procedure.
      D. The students will be asked to follow the model and complete the following process:
           1. The children will place a set of beans into a cup and shake them loose onto a plate.
           2. The students will be asked to count the total number of green beans and the total number of white beans.
           3. The children will then write an addition problem making the number of green beans the first number in the number sentence and the number of white beans the second number in the sentence.
           4. The children will then chart their equation on the given chart.
           5. The students will then count the total number of beans.
           6. The students will repeat steps 1-5 six times.
      E. The children will then color the “Xed” blocks in different colors. The teacher will ask for results and differences of their data by comparing graphs of the children.

The instructor will chart the students’ data or how many times they had a specific equation. The instructor will then discuss with the children patterns that they see in the chart. After the discussion, we will finish counting the number of beans in the jar and take a look at their original estimation.

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