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An idea for teaching Calendar Skills





Title – Calendar Communicaton
By – Amy
Subject – Math
Grade Level – Kindergarten
Children will learn calendar skills by using their learning calendar log on a daily basis. Children will use their phonetic skills to fill in the calendar each day. This activity also leads to great communication between home and school.
I run off a calendar for each month that has large spaces for the days and some writing on it. At the beginning of each month we fill in the Month and the year along with the days of the week. We start with the first day of the month if it does not land on a day we are in school. I ask the children what they did that day and we fill in that block on the calendar. At the end of each day, we talk about what we learned and pick one specific topic. We then phonetically fill in the number of that day and what we want to say about it. At the end of each week, the children take home their calendar and let their parents read it. If they want, they fill in the days at home for the weekend and write something significant they did while on break from school on Saturday and Sunday. They love coming back and sharing this information. I watch for parents notes back to me on the calendar as well. At the end of each month we look at all the progress we have made learning new things. They love this and I have gotten wonderful response from home about these calendars. No more I don’t know what I learned today responses.

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