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Ordinal numbers are taught in a popcorn line in this short teaching idea




PreK, K  

Title – Ordinal Numbers
By – Jaya Ramesh Butani
Primary Subject – Math
Grade Level – P-K


  • Tell children, “Let’s eat popcorn.”
  • Make paper cones to serve as pretend popcorn packets.
  • Choose one child to be a popcorn seller. All other children will stand in line for the popcorn.
  • As they are standing, the teacher will ask each one their position number and each child will say the corresponding ordinal number starting with 1st, 2nd and so on.
  • The best part of this activity is asking the popcorn seller to go and stand at the opposite side end of the line where the last child will become the first.
  • This is a great activity for teaching ordinal numbers.

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