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This lesson idea on shapes is called “Shape Sheets”




PreK, K  

Title – Shape sheet
By – Debbie Haren
Subject – Math
Grade Level – PreK-K 


Paint, sparkles, paintbrushes, a sheet of plain cloth, stencils if needed and a small group.

Talk to the children about shapes that they see everyday. Read a book to them that shows all the shapes and how real objects are these shapes. Such as a clock is round.


Trace or make shapes on the sides of the sheet of material you have as a border. Such as triangle square triangle square. Then have the children paint the inside of each shape. In the middle in big letters write OUR SHEET OF SHAPES. Then have them color, cut and paint all kinds of different shapes on the sheet as you do them as a group activity. Such as circles one day then triangles then squares and so on. Then the sheet can be hung up for all the parents to see and when you are done it can just be brought down and stored.

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