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An idea for a lesson on Spatial Reasoning and Directions using human “mazes”




3, 4  

By – Marian
Primary Subject – Math
Secondary Subjects – Other
Grade Level – 3-4
Concepts To Teach: Spatial Reasoning, Directions

Write the word MAZES on the board (looks great and attracts attention if written in a graffiti style!)
Show some posters of mazes – discuss what the purpose of these are.
Read “Theseus and the Minotaur”. Ask pertinent questions through the text to check comprehension.
Blindfold individual students and ask another to verbally lead them through a classroom maze, using desks, chairs, boards and other students!
Use previously printed out mazes of different types that have been put on card and laminated for children to play. Exchange with a neighbor.
Discuss what they have learned. What was the best part?
Draw up your own maze to share with a younger student.
Cops/Robbers using arms of the children to make barriers as the cop chases the robber through the maze of bodies. As you shout “change”, children rotate 90 degrees to make another type of track for the cop and robber to transverse.
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