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Here is a lesson plan on skip counting that uses a “Pass The Paper” game




K, 1, 2, 3, 4  

Title – Pass the Paper – Skip Counting Cooperative Activity
By – Terry Sayre
Subject – Math
Grade Level – K-4
Students will practice skip counting while cooperating in a group activity.

Rubber Ball
1 Pencil Per Student
1 Sheet of Paper Per Table Group

Student’s desks should be organized into cooperative groups of four or of equal sizes for this activity.

Lesson Outline
1. Ask, “Who can count the class the fastest?” Have a student stand up and count the class. Most likely, a student will count by ones to accomplish this task. Next, ask, “Is there an easier/faster way to count everyone.” If students don’t come up with it themselves, see if you can lead them to counting by twos. It is a much faster way of counting groups of people. If they still don’t get it demonstrate it for them.
2. Next, bounce the ball while students skip count in unison to its bounce. This will help them get warmed up for the next activity.
3. Ask for a student to come to the front of the class and skip count while he/she bounces the ball. Give a few kids a chance to do this in front of the class.
4. Have each student get a pencil out. Next, pass out one piece of paper per table group.
5. Explain: “We are going to have a race. Each table group has one piece of paper. When I say “go” the first person will write 2, the next will write 4, and so on until your table group has written by two’s all the way to 100.” When playing “Pass the Paper” explain that the paper should be passed clock-wise.
6. Next, check for understanding. Have the students repeat the instructions.
7. The first table group that has successfully skip counted all the way to 100 lets the teacher know they are done by putting their pencils down and sitting quietly.
8. Review: “What are some reasons it is important to know how to skip count?”

Modifications for Varied Abilities
There are several ways that you can play “Pass the Paper.” Skip counting by 2s, 3s, 4s, etc. is only one-way. You can also have students play using addition/subtraction problems. For example, you could have each student write down one addition/subtraction problem that all equals 7 before they pass the paper. The group that has the most by the end of five minutes might be the winning group.

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