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Here are some Pi Day (March 14 – 3.14) activity ideas and links




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By – Ashlan
Primary Subject – Math
Grade Level – 5-7


    Pi Day is a “math holiday”. It occurs on March 14th, because March is the 3rd month and March 14th is 3-14. Get it? – Pi is 3.14…


    The kids can pick someone to work with or work alone. For Pi Day, each pair is instructed to bring a round food that they would like to eat (pie, cookie, cupcake, pancake, etc.) and a pack of peelable Twizzlers. They will use the Twizzlers to measure the food’s circumference and diameter. They will assemble a chart comparing how big all the food is, and then they will dig in!

Note from

      They should wrap the Twizzler around the circumference of the food and cut it, carefully and as exactly as possible, to that length. Then they should take this Twizzler and measure the diameter of the food, again being as accurate as they can be. They should cut as many measured Twizzler diameters from their Twizzler circumference as they can and save the extra piece. Ask the class how many diameters did they cut? (3) Ask them about how many extra pieces would equal 1 diameter piece? (7). Ask what fraction would represent the extra piece (1/7). Tell them, they have all discovered Pi (in fraction form).
      If you and your class has a good sense of humor, you could then give them a sheet of paper and tell them that they can eat their food and Twizzlers after they have finished writing the decimal equivalent of 3 1/7 … :)


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