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In this math game idea, the object is to pin the decimal on the back of a whole number




5, 6, 7  



Title – Pin the decimal on the back of a whole number
By – Stephen Robinson
Primary Subject – Math
Grade Level – 5-7

In the decimal chart, rule number one is “Pin the decimal on the back of a whole number”, right?

Staple on the bulletin board or tape up on the chalkboard, a sheet of white paper about 11×15. Take another sheet of paper and cut it in equal divisions, and write one-digit numbers on them. Make a little circle, about the size of an M+M, color it black, and give it to a student. Blindfold the student, and put another little black circle somewhere on the paper. Post up 4 numbers (2 whole, 2 decimal) on the page, and put the little black circle somewhere in the middle of the 2 wholes and 2 decimal number. Now, the student walks up blindfolded to the page and tries to make the two decimals (little black circles) meet. If they make it, reward them with candy or no homework or something. It’s like Pin the tail on the donkey.

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