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A Math lesson plan on Place Value in the Hundreds





   Subject: Math
Title: Place Value
by Thelma Augustine
Grade:  Third

Objective: The students will be able to read and write numbers in the hundreds.

   Materials:  Place-Value blocks, Place Value chart

Anticipatory Set
     1.  Allow students to examine place-value blocks
     2.  Ask students how many tens equal to a hundred
     3.  Ask students how many ones equal to a hundred


1. Organize students in groups of four. Give groups a 2 or 3 digit number less than 800.

2. Have one student model the number with place-value block. The student to the right says the name aloud while pointing to the blocks. The next student writes the expanded and standard form of the number.

3. Have the last student write the word name of the number and say it aloud.

4. Groups can repeat the exercise, starting with a different student each time. Display a list of 20 word names for students to reference.

Evaluation: Call out numbers to children and have them write the number on a place-value chart.

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